The Studio


Sun Porch Studio offers art instruction to children with a focus on building skills, creativity, and self-confidence. All students are considered working artists and their imaginative ideas help guide their personal creative process. Classes are offered to artists ages 5 and up and run in 4-6 week sessions that are focused around a specific theme and/or art technique. Although students work in the same art medium, instruction is given on an individual basis. To help each student work towards a personal potential, classes are small and cap at 7 students.

Private Art Instruction is offered at the studio and in your home. Students explore a variety of techniques and materials such as acrylic and oil painting, watercolor and gouache painting, observational drawing, clay handbuilding and printmaking.

Adult Art Workshops are offered in landscape painting, batik silk painting, clay handbuilding and ceramic glazing. Workshops offer creative experiences to adults who yearn to remember what it feels like to get messy and create magic with their hands.

Creative Art Parties are offered in tie dye, jewelry making and sculptural painting activities. Art Parties are most meaningful with children ages 5 and up in groups of 15 or less. A two-hour event is organized with a special art making activity, an art related game, and creative cupcake decorating.

Don’t miss my create page. It’s an artsy blog that offers fabulous design ideas, activities, and inspiration for the artist within.

Founder, Instructor, Mary Jo Allegra, currently teaches Visual Arts at a progressive private school on Long Island. She received a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University. Mary Jo believes that experience across learning disciplines inspires depth and creativity in works of art. Her teaching style integrates imagination with life experiences and immerses children in an array of art mediums and techniques.

Sun Porch Studio, Stony Brook, NY

One response to “The Studio

  1. susan blake

    So glad you are holding classes this season. Callan will be there on the 11th, and probably the winter session too. I will be there for the Drink and Do. Please let me know how and when you want to be paid. Thanks again, Susan Blake

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