FA Remote Studio

FA Remote Studio is a space for sharing the creative learning that is currently happening inside the homes of the artists in our Friends community.

FA Artists learned about the late Austrian-New Zealand visual artist and architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and created their own cardboard houses made from a transformed paper towel or toilet paper roll. Hundertwasswer was passionate about conserving nature and celebrating the curves and natural forms found in a landscape. Visit this informative YouTube video from Art With Soto to watch how Soto makes a Hundertwasser house. You can learn more about Hundertwasser by viewing this slideshow I made for you: Let’s meet Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

How might you create a home that celebrates the natural forms found outdoors?

ANDY GOLDSWORTHY Inspired Nature Assemblages
Have you ever made art using nature found outdoors?
FA Artists learned about the art of sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy and created their own assemblages and sculptures using nature. You will notice names written with sticks AND mandalas made of petals, leaves and stones AND life size sculptures you can actually sit under AND sculptures made of branches AND observational paintings inspired by nature. To learn more about Andy Goldsworthy and how you can make art in nature, view this slideshow I made for you: Celebrating our eARTh with ART

How might you celebrate NATURE while making ART?


Leaf Rubbings Made from Nature
Did you know that last Friday, March 20, was the first day of Spring?
I appreciate nature and all of its beauty, do you? Nature often inspires me to make art. FA Artists in Early Childhood through grade 3 recently went on a treasure hunt through their backyard to find nature that they used to make leaf rubbings. Some artists then used their leaf rubbings as colored patterned paper to make collages.

The Power of Expression
How have you been feeling recently? We might talk about how we feel with people we feel safe with, yet have you ever decided to express how you feel in a visual work of art?
Artists in grades 3-5 have been joining together their heart and mind to create works of art that express how they have felt over the past week. Please scroll below to view their personal creations and read their interpretations. FA Artists are honest and caring individuals.

Some of the inspiration for the piece is how I’m feeling. The Gray and black and white represent me being bored and kind cut off because I don’t get to see any of my friends besides google meets. And when I’m bored I like to imagine things so the colorful window represents all of the opportunities that imagination holds. Even what’s lurking under the bed…
The right side (The Path of Darkness) is a man who gave up and is letting darkness take over him because he sees no hope anymore in the world.
The left side is about a boy who is perfect on the inside but is breaking down on the inside and doesn’t have the courage to tell his friends.
I came up with this idea from all the chaos that is happening with COVID-19 and looking around and seeing that everyone is worried and covered with darkness. This is sort of like a before and after, but they are meant to be different pictures.
I chose these emotions because they are the way I feel about virtual school. I feel peaceful when I am doing my work with no distractions. I get excited when I get to see my friends on google meet. And sometimes I get angry or frustrated when I don’t understand something.
My art is about when I am sitting at my desk thinking about how me and my friends would play and wishing they were here. My art is about when I am sitting at my desk alone wanting to play with my friends but thanks to the virus, I can not.
This is me and my brother on our trampoline.
It represents happiness because my brother and I are always happy when we are on it.
My work of art shows a man in lots of different colors, the different colors express different moods and feelings. For example, red expresses anger, purple expresses awkwardness. My painting shows that a person is made out of feelings, nobody will not have a feeling (all the feelings in the painting are ones I experienced recently).
This is a picture of a comet. There are people who are so surprised because they never saw a comet in their life and they are so happy because it is a once in a lifetime thing to see. 
I chose the words peaceful and calming.  I demonstrate these emotions in my art by dividing things into equal parts. Creating equal parts is organized and calming. 
I drew these feelings because they are a mixture of my life.
Today before art I went into the woods and took a nice bike ride. it was very relaxing and peaceful, and then afterward I sat down on my patio and just listened to the birds’ chirp and the breeze blow, and I just felt peaceful. This is what I painted.
I chose the feeling happy. I feel this way because I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.
I am excited about my upcoming Birthday!

Treasure Hunt Color Wheel
The youngest artists at FA went on a treasure hunt around their homes to find objects they could use to build a color wheel. A basic color wheel is made up of both Primary and Secondary colors. Do you agree that colors bring out the best in each other? When they are next to one another, each individual color is able to shine as bright beauty that it is. 

Do you have friends or family that bring out the best in you,
like colors do for each other?

Take a peek at the gallery below to view our photos of color wheels.

Our first Gallery showcases photographs that document the unique variety of art materials and tools that our community has access to within their own home.
As ARTISTS, we tend to see everyday items as treasures for imaginative art making. Consider how you might give a new life to something you could have easily thrown away.

Look below to view the items that our FA community perceives as having artistic potential. And feel free to share a compliment by using the comment section at the bottom of this page!

Stay tuned for the reveal of a gallery of photographs documenting the unique art processes of children ages 3-11.
Here is a sneak peak:

MaryJo (Ms. Allegra)

portrait of a portrait artist

2 responses to “FA Remote Studio

  1. Jaimee Connors

    Loved looking through this gallery! xoxo Jaimee Connors

  2. Colleen Laurendi

    What wonderful photos! Thank you friends for sharing your art. Thank you to Ms. Allegra for creating this platform! I really connected with the Power of Expression drawings and paintings.

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