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Hello There,

Do you ever think about how what really supports our growth is not what we are currently capable of, rather WHAT WE BELIEVE WE ARE CAPABLE OF?

I do. All the time. How might my mindset effect my progress?

My curiosities have sparked ideas and inspired me to make works of art that will hopefully help myself and others develop an awareness of their creative potential. I would love to share my art with YOU!


You can purchase these at my Etsy shop:

Have a colorful day!

allegra landscape

Colors. I love them so much they give me goosebumps. I have difficulty painting with a limited palette and often create works of art that include every color of the rainbow, as you will notice. Red Sky was the first work I created solely with a palette knife. I became fascinated with the way it made me feel like I was painting with butter. This work is inspired by color and shape relationships and follows a horizontal linear pattern that is commonly utilized in my landscape pieces. For My Blanket Sky Ablaze, I stepped away from my comfort zone and acted on an impulse to work more “painterly”. Swifts of color ride the winds and gestural strokes allude to an open desert plain. I have a fascination with the partnership between light blue and a deep scarlet red. Cranes Neck Point was painted from memory of an actual shore front on the north shore of Long Island and was inspired by these colors.

my blanket sky ablaze

George Constanza, the Marine Biologist

george costanza, the marine biologist

cranes neck point

 Harbor Sunset

harbor sunset

Color Patches

color patches

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows Everywhere

sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everything

2 responses to “Personal Work

  1. I always enjoy the playfulness that shines through in your work. No matter what, it has always been apparent that you enjoy creating. This work is a wonderful dance between paint and painter, and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Sharon Cook

    My Blanket Sky Ablaze…love it…is it for sale?

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