13 color shots

a selection of eye candy that tickles my fancy and may do the same jazz for you.

i. love. colors. what makes you smile?

description of images from top to bottom: 1. box o’ colored pencils 2. hand painted table 3. collaged star made from hand painted tissue papers 4. patrick’s birthday card 5. watercolor fun with shannon timoney photography 6. collaged squares from blueschool.org 7. hand painted plates for john and eleana 8. new years postcards 9. refurbished oil pastel bits 9. the joy of painting 10. texture relief prints 11. crayon love 12. more new years postcards 13. oil painting feels like spreading pigmented butter. yum.

thanks for viewing. have a colorful day. -MJ

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One response to “13 color shots

  1. i.love.you. and am so going to miss your colorfulness next year!

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