I just have to share this image with you. It illustrates the JOY of my Friday.

How stunning is this selection of contour ink paintings? I can’t get over the way each piece is unique yet they work together as a unified whole. Harmony.

The photo itself offers so much to the collection of artworks. The way the sun’s rays kiss the floor so calmly. The shadow of the afternoon light.

Just in case you were eager to zoom in, two close-ups await you below. All images are of observational ink paintings of African masks created by my fourth grade artists.

Happy Friday! -MJ


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3 responses to “JOY of TODAY

  1. Selena

    As always you are helping your students to shine. I hope that you might be able to bring them to visit us here at LongHouse this Spring. They are lucky to have you there.

    • So good to hear from you, Selena. A trip to LHR would be a meaningful experience. I will know more about what grade level(s) would fit best as the year unfolds. I am so happy here! -MJ

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